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Nature-loving folks staying at the Starlight Bay Resort are going to love the scenic views and outdoor activities available to them. But this isn't limited to our property. Minnesota is home to some of the most beautiful scenic hikes in the world! If you are hoping to get some good nature shots, see local wildlife, and make amazing memories with your family, then you simply carve your path on these trails.
Mississippi Headwaters Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 0.4 miles
Certainly the easiest "hike" in the bunch. Mississippi Headwaters Trail is perfect for the parents wanting to explore nature with their children, without needing to carry them everywhere. Though the trail isn't very long, for many tourists it has become a "must-do" since you are seeing the start of the Mississippi River.

Aside from learning about how the river formed, you can take a swim, peruse the nearby gift shop, and get some treats. Again, this is not necessarily a hike, but it is a short walk that is perfect for young children.

Waboose Lake Loop Trail
Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate
Length: 3.9 miles
Only a twenty minute drive from your cabin door, Waboose Lake Loop is a mesmerizing hike. Not only is it possible to walk the trail in summer and winter, but it also offers a few gorgeous lookout points as you walk around the giant lake. It's a good hike for aspiring trailblazers of any age or skill level.

Make sure you lather on the bug spray. Mosquitos are common on the lake. There are also wood ticks that lie in the grass around here, so make sure you have your first aid kit ready and know how to remove ticks in a pinch. Either way, it's a remarkable hike you will enjoy.

Dr. Roberts Trail
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 1.9 miles
This trail is perfect for those looking for a bit more of a challenge. It's potentially one of the most difficult hikes in the area. However, it isn't too difficult to complete. The thick groves of trees and brambles are a hotbed for mosquitos; bug spray is a necessity.

It doesn't take more than an hour for most hikers, but if you are searching for wildlife you may be able to spend additional time here. If you love birdwatching, this is the perfect hike for you.

Itasca Fire Tower Trail
Difficulty: Intermediate
Length: 2.2 miles
One of the best lookout points in Itasca State Park, Fire Tower Trail lets you peer over the lake. This is a hike that has become a "must" for a lot of travelers because of its gorgeous panoramic view. Make sure you wear bug spray, bring a camera, and wear waterproof shoes just in case the trail dips under the river.

This trail is great for birdwatching and finding all sorts of unique insect life. Dragonflies and butterflies run rampant over the trail, which can be a lot of fun for children.

Brower Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.4 miles
Do you want to avoid any extremely difficult hikes, instead choosing to go for a nature walk? Then the Brower Trail is for you! Walk around the lake and smell the crisp summer air. This is a really good trail for elderly or younger families, and it is usually pretty quiet. It's a great option if you don't want to strain yourself too much.

Your Minnesotan vacation can be greatly improved by hiking through the center of the North Star State. The summer and the winter are both incredible times to trudge through the many national and state parks that surround Starlight Bay Resort. Book with us now for an unforgettable experience!